Cellfood Cream will help Destruction of fungal infection, recovery of the nail plate structure, elimination of inflammatory process

Humic substances

are the world's most potent antioxidants, which protect skin cells from the negative effects of the environment and harmful effects of UV rays. Humic substances improve metabolism in skin cells, reduce stress on skin cells, activate the use of energy and protein resources.

Hyaluronic acid

improves the natural moisture level of the skin, fights the signs of premature aging, stimulates the recovery of the biological functions of the skin, strengthens the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Proteins, vitamins and antioxidants

Thanks to these components, the skin recognises the active substances and fills itself with energy that helps to ensure the correct regeneration process. These components clean, nourish and protect the skin, improving its physical properties and vital forces. They provide the cells with energy, stimulate the formation of new cells and improve their ability to replicate. The functioning mechanism consists of healing, cleansing, regenerating and energizing properties.

The extract of milk thistle and apples.

restores damaged areas and relieves itching.

Valeria, 24 years old

I recently went to the pool and caught the fungus there. The itching was very strong and my nails were yellowish. I went to the hospital and the doctor prescribed Cellfood Cream, and it's great. The doctor recommended it because I am totally against taking medication.

Results may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the organism

Peter, 29 years old

Hi, I'm a swimmer. I have always been at risk of infection and of course I have implemented the necessary measures to prevent fungal infection. But on one occasion I forgot my shower flip-flops somewhere and eventually caught it. My wife asked me for Cellfood Cream and I've been using it for a month.

Results may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the organism

Ana, 28 years old

I'm a cleaning lady and I always wear special shoes for that job. My feet sweat deeply and that causes the progression of fungal diseases. I ordered Cellfood Cream immediately and disinfected my shoes with lemon juice. This cream has helped me, the dry heel is gone and the skin has completely recovered.

Results may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the organism

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